Thursday, 9 June 2011

...the wonders of online shopping!

I don't know about anyone else, but I have recently been really drawn to looking online for clothes. What with all the adverts about 'next day delivery if you order before 9pm (thank you 'Next'), and 'asos' now sending out magazine's to entice us, it's all a bit, in your face. I'm not saying that I'm complaining, because of course, it really is very uselful, but is it not now taking away another reason to go out? Nobody wants to go out anymore; you can shop from the comfort of your own home, order food straight to your door, even your weekly shop, and for some people, this just seems routine. Not only this, but it's how easy it is to buy something. You just type in some numbers, click 'agree' and it's having to route through your wallet to find the change! I find it so easy to do that, forgetting that I'm still spending money, and it's then that the parcels seem to come more readily! I know that it can be a life saver, but to me, going into the shops and trying everything on, seeing how absolutely hideous it looks, having a laugh, or being laughed at by the people who have decided to drag themseleves from the sofa with you, is what it's all about! Besides, it really is quite sad when you've got all excited, because you know that when you get home there's going to be a parcel waiting for you, and you try it on and it looks like a tent!

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